Our approach to quality

At Avalon Innovation, we always strive to guarantee innovative, long-term and sustainable development for our customers, their users and for ourselves. Our overarching work method, our Avalon Innovation Model™, our own and our customers’ expectations, as well as our policies, all combine with current and relevant legislation to form the building blocks required for quality, environment, health and safety.


It is our responsibility to meet our customers’ needs and quality criteria in the projects and assignments with which we work. With the aid of our quality management system as well as ongoing competence development of our employees, we make sure that all work carried out within the company’s departments is of consistent, high quality. The aim is that everyone within the organisation must be able to work unambiguously, consistently and with a constant opportunity for development and improvement. Our quality management work has enabled us to create good conditions, from a quality perspective, to secure safe, sustainable and innovative products, services and experiences for our customers.


Assuming responsibility for the environment is important for us. We use the latest technology for digital meetings, we have chosen to have offices near to our customers in order to minimise commuting distances, and our growing project business means that we run several projects in-house. We also strive at all times to develop products that are sustainable for the environment. Since autumn 2015, we have been proud partners with Blekinge Institute of Technology, and doctoral students from the university have been given the task, together with a team of ours, to review our innovation model in order to help us further improve our work method with due consideration to the environment and sustainable design.

Health and Safety

Our employees are our most important and most valuable asset. A good, safe working environment is therefore absolutely crucial, where strategic and proactive work on health and safety forms a natural element of our overall business. This includes monitoring our work method, our workload, our equipment and our premises, as well as how work is managed and organised. We comply with current legislation and always strive to provide all employees with an optimal workplace. Our employees’ representatives conduct risk assessments and put forward ideas for improvements, and we carry out employee surveys continuously in order to quickly capture any deviations in how happy our employees are as well as their views on current working conditions in our own offices or out at our customers’ premises. Work on health and safety is an ongoing process that must be improved continuously. Wherever our employees are working, they must feel secure in being able to deliver our services in a safe, professional way.

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