Family business Åhmans i Åhus was founded in 1860 and is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of lift cars and lift interiors today. The company, which employs some 35 staff, has its own production, metal working and construction departments, which Avalon Innovation has had the opportunity to get to know well.

The company has a host of lift interiors designed in-house and smart construction solutions that enable it to adapt interiors to its customers’ needs.

Smart, polished panels, stainless details and integrated TV screens hidden behind mirrors have become something of a signature for Åhmans i Åhus.

Creating this type of lift is an exciting process where construction and design are combined to achieve an aesthetically pleasing design with hidden functions built into the interior.

First impressions matter

Each order is unique to the customer and no two lifts are alike, which means that special solutions are often required. Avalon Innovation had the opportunity to enter into a collaboration with Åhmans i Åhus in 2018, with a view to taking some pressure off the former’s construction department. As customers often opt for an elegant supreme lift with glass walls and stainless-steel panels, Åhmans has created a parameter-governed CAD model that makes it easy to create interiors based on the lift’s dimensions. Once that is done, the work to design materials and other lift equipment based on the customer’s wishes begins.

When fitting glass walls, the company uses an aluminium profile which is subsequently covered with the panels of the customer’s choice. All fixtures are attractively and cleverly hidden, making the lifts stylish and protecting them from damage. As part of our collaboration, we have also provided Åhmans with interior renderings based on customer wishes to help give the customer and the lift company buyers an overview of the design prior to the start of manufacturing. Since 2018, Avalon has designed and created just over 25 lifts and more than 100 interior renderings.

Together, Åhmans i Åhus and Avalon Innovation have created a collaboration that works through a satellite office to our Malmö office.

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