Flexible operating table

Stille AB develops, manufactures and markets med-tech products and high-quality surgical instruments for specialist surgeons worldwide. The company was founded in 1841, making it one of the world’s oldest companies in the field of medical technology. Its priority areas are surgical instruments and special tables for cardiovascular and plastic surgery. When the [...]


IoT infrastructure for all environments

In spring 2011, Håkan Dackefjord, co-founder of WiTTRA Networks AB, identified the need for a viable asset-tracking system that would be able to work successfully within all types of environments. Unfortunately, no such tracking system existed at the time. In 2013, WiTTRA Networks AB was founded. Since that time, WiTTRA’s technology has gained [...]


World-unique technology for oil purification

COT-Clean Oil Technology AB (COT) is a Swedish limited company operating from Ljungby. The company develops and markets one-of-a-kind technology for eliminating water in industrial oils (lubricating, transmission, and hydraulic oils). The unique solution significantly extends the life of the oil. This in turn reduces wear and greatly increases the time intervals between oil [...]


Smart home deliveries

Connected E-DROP® delivery lockers simplify the day-to-day and enable sustainable deliveries for the growing digital trade. Personal E-DROP® delivery lockers primarily target owners of detached and terraced homes, while the new multi-lockers being launched this spring make it possible to receive secure, temperature-controlled and environmentally friendly deliveries to apartment buildings and office mail rooms [...]


IoT for a better care environment

TJEDERS Industri AB is a product company with headquarters in Malmköping. They develop, manufacture and market systems and components for alarms and call systems for healthcare and elderly care. In the long term, Tjeders wishes to complement and expand its business opportunities by delivering services with added value for the customer, and they have [...]


E-commerce at the forefront

Since 2015, Galio of Sweden has been offering school-leavers across Sweden customised student caps that can easily be ordered from the comfort of the customer’s sofa. Today, Galio of Sweden consists of an online shop offering a comprehensive and interactive shopping experience. The shop has been built to support sales being carried out in [...]


The importance of an innovation strategy

With in the region of 16,000 homes, including Studentstaden, Uppsalahem is Uppsala’s number one housing company. Nearly 30,000 Uppsala residents across the city are tenants with Uppsalahem. The company’s far-sighted and targeted approach to property management creates safe and pleasant environments that are attractive to many. As one of the city’s main contractors, [...]


Unique and customised interiors

Family business Åhmans i Åhus was founded in 1860 and is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers of lift cars and lift interiors today. The company, which employs some 35 staff, has its own production, metal working and construction departments, which Avalon Innovation has had the opportunity to get to know well. The company has [...]


Equipment for world-leading water technology

Xylem is a world-leading water technology company that is seeking to solve the world’s water issues by developing smart and innovative technological solutions to meet global water, wastewater, and energy needs. The business has operated since 1901 out of its facility in Emmaboda, in Småland, where it was founded by Peter Alfred Stenberg. [...]


Concept for user assistance – IIoT

ABB’s industrial automation division supplies systems for control, facility optimisation, and industry-specific automation applications. The industrial internet of things (the IIoT) is the latest step in the development of automation systems that allow for a higher level of automation through the use of cloud-based operations to refine and optimise process control. Users of [...]