Bluetooth today and tomorrow

There is a growing trend towards wireless connectivity today and Bluetooth is the leading medium for paving the way. Bluetooth is a radio based wireless communication technology that was first released in 1999 to replace wired serial communication. The technology has gone through several revisions since then, each time improving [...]


RUST – to program in a new language

One of our customers has recently started using Rust as a complement to C. We thought it was really exciting and took the opportunity to ask our consultant Robin some questions to hear how the change has worked.


UX in an industrial context

Anastasia Szmulik is the User Experience Lead at Atlas Copco. In this interview we discuss user experience design and how critical systems benefit from early attention to the experience of end users.


Better Together

"Better Together - "The formula for creating the world's best product!" -and why our customers and we ourself consider this to be the quickest and safest journey to success. Avalon Innovation is shortly celebrating its 25th anniversary, but our journey doesn’t stop there. We are neither satisfied with the knowledge of that [...]


Quicker deals with an app

An app can ensure that your sales personnel in the field always have access to current, relevant and attractive sales material when they go to visit clients. The app serves as a tool which helps the sellers make the case for investment more easily and more clearly.


Secure communication in IoT

Security in IoT can provide its own unique challenges, but if the right tools, methodology and providers like Google Cloud Platform with great security record are used it can be very attainable goal without too much overhead in provisioning or functioning of the devices.


From Virtual to Reality

Virtual Reality is here to stay. Being able to experience the product in its correct environment before it is manufactured creates a completely new construction experience.