Ajsha is one of 5 talents in our talent program that started in August 2023. As the program approaches its end, we had a chat with Ajsha about the future, lessons learned, and memorable events.

Hello Ajsha! Tell us about yourself and your role.

Hello! Yes, it’s getting close now! I’m fundamentally a game developer and have simultaneously trained as a web developer, which eventually led to a role as a developer at Avalon. I come from Sölvesborg, live in Karlshamn with my partner and our dog Nala!

I’ve had various roles during the program, including participation in 2 different in-house projects, such as the development of HOPA¹, partly as a UX/UI designer, and also as a frontend developer. In addition to that, I’ve had various roles with a client in the boat architecture industry, mainly as a UI & 3D modeler.

What are your top 3 events?

Common to all my top three is relationships and people – that has been the core!

– Before I applied to the program, I met both Pelle & Karl who worked at Avalon. Through my contact with them, I became aware of Avalon and understood that it could be a good fit for me. It was their support that motivated me to apply!

– Like many others, I’ve experienced Imposter syndrome and tried to understand my role and expectations. Helene, Avalon’s CEO, has truly been a pillar of support for me! She made me feel that we are a team and that we succeed together to make the customer happy. This is a team sport, and I’m not alone! It eased my Imposter syndrome, and I realized that the people around me are influencing my development.

– During a session with Johanna, Head of People & Culture, she cheered us on and said, ‘Out of the hundreds who applied, we handpicked you because we see your potential.’ Afterward, I looked at Oscar, my talent colleague, and it really sank in that we are here because they believe in us. It was a lovely boost of encouragement!

What insights has the program given you?

I bring the insight of the importance of surrounding oneself with people who contribute to personal growth! I believe Imposter syndrome will always be a part of me, but with the right people around me, I can mitigate it. I want to carry this with me and share it when I eventually mentor someone entering the workforce.

It has been both fun and challenging to work in different constellations and projects! As a newcomer to development, it has been valuable to encounter developers with different working methods. I also take with me everything I’ve learned about the consultant role and feel more confident in it. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, and I have grown a lot as a developer and an individual.

What is happening in the last month of the program?

I will continue with my ongoing projects! There are more things in the pipeline, including a mission as a 3D modeler with a new client. Also, there’s a ‘graduation’ from the program waiting, which feels exciting!

Finally, any tips for other recent graduates?

Experiment and don’t let fears stop you! Whatever you take on after graduation will always be a learning experience, even if it feels new and uncomfortable. I’m glad I listened to my gut feeling and chose Avalon. I didn’t know where it would lead, but I dared to try!

¹ HOPA – Human Oriented Product Assessment. A digital tool that evaluates the ergonomics of handheld products. Curious? Learn more about HOPA.