Avalon Innovation has appointed Matthias Bjerkesjö Braakman to the position of Lead – Strategic Growth, Insight and Design, the appointment is from the 1st of September 2022. This position is entirely new to Avalon Innovation, it will be responsible for working strategically in developing our efforts in the early phase of our projects and in our role as designer for our clients.

Matthias arrived at Avalon Innovation as an industrial designer in the spring of 2017 and he has contributed greatly to the design of our customers’ products. He is a true leader who continuously works to improve what we offer and always brings new, fresh ideas. In a Lead position Matthias will be a key player in guiding the development in the area of Insight & Design as well as acting as an advisor for the talented designers in our many teams. In parallel with his new role Matthias will continue to help our customers as a consultant in their projects. The reason Avalon Innovation is strengthening its strategic position in design is due to a great demand from our clients in Sweden and Denmark. The market for sustainable innovation shows steady growth and Avalon Innovation gives considerable focus to projects where hardware and software merge in the smart services and systems of the future, in our current as well as new partnerships.

I look forward to much joy leading Insight & Design within Avalon Innovation onward, while helping our clients to develop amazing new products. Creation has been a passion for me since my childhood, whether by pen and paper or by LEGOs, and creative problems are one of my passions. To now get to inspire others in creating sustainable and innovative products and services will be a fun challenge!” says Matthias Bjerkesjö Braakman.

Matthias is a highly goal oriented and ambitious colleague with ideas and opinions which matches the path Avalon Innovation is currently travelling down. This makes it very fun for me to announce the appointment of Matthias as Lead – Strategic Growth, Insight & Design, who together with his team will bring Avalon Innovation to the next level. During the coming years we will keep a clear focus on developing sustainable and innovative products and systems in order to really make a difference. Good luck Matthias!” says Helene Högberg, CEO at Avalon Innovation.