Market demand for compact prams meant that Brio had to think innovatively to win more market shares. The focus was now on developing totally 

safe pram that would take up a little space as possible when folded. Thank you, Brio, for the challenge!

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Avalon Innovation joined the project with a team that consisted of project management, design and mechanical design. We started work by conducting an insight phase in order to identify the fundamental requirements for a new pram. The basis on which we had to generate the concept was the needs and requirements of end customers together with Brio’s defined strategic goals.

Brio was looking for a function that would make it easy for the user to minimise the size of the pram when folded so that it could be easily stowed away. Our project team developed a solution in which it was possible to fold in the front and rear pairs of wheels tightly against each other. Through close collaboration including prototype production, manufacturers and suppliers, the team managed to overcome the difficulties in developing a solution that was both cost-efficient and sustainable.

The result was the Brio Happy. The much smoother and more compact folding function gave Brio clear advantages over its competitors. The new design met the growing demand for more compact prams, giving it a totally new competitive advantage.

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Curious about how we work with the services and competences that were involved in the project? Feel free to find out more!

– Design
– Mechanical Engineering
– Project Management

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