For a number of years, Avalon has been carrying out several projects concerning high voltage direct current (HVDC) for an international client that is globally renowned for designing, manufacturing, and supplying tailor-made HVDC solutions worldwide. The client offers HVDC solutions for a wide range of applications, which can be found in a variety of systems, including transmission (point to point), underwater or land cabling, and offshore.

Within the project, Avalon’s remit is to supply parts of the control system, including control functions and so forth. Between 2016 and 2018, we developed protection systems and control systems for power order management and control of HVDC power transmission. This requires expertise in both HVDC and software. Avalon’s remit usually covers the entire chain, all the way from requirements specification to factory system testing.

Project Management Office

The project deliveries consist of a set of Simulink blocks that implements the desired control functionality. As a supplier, Avalon is responsible for taking the blocks that have been developed as part of a reference solution and integrating and configuring them as required to provide a project-specific solution. In addition, Avalon is responsible for validating the solution. At the heart of this is ensuring that the Simulink modules comply with the functional description of the protection functions.

By offering commitment from start to finish and providing a quality-assured and agile project management model, Avalon has consistently delivered the requisite quality on time and on budget. This has enabled Avalon to conduct several projects for the customer. Thanks to implemented and well-tested project processes, Avalon can ensure that it satisfies quality requirements at every stage of development.

Our project processes aim to guide project managers throughout the project with the measures that must be taken in order to complete all the tasks included in the undertaking. Avalon’s project office provides various methods and support for dealing with issues that can arise during the project’s implementation. This minimises the risk of undetected discrepancies, improves delivery reliability, and ensures that projects stand a better chance of being delivered on time and on budget.
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Dag Lindahl
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