COT-Clean Oil Technology AB (COT) is a Swedish limited company operating from Ljungby. The company develops and markets one-of-a-kind technology for eliminating water in industrial oils (lubricating, transmission, and hydraulic oils). The unique solution significantly extends the life of the oil. This in turn reduces wear and greatly increases the time intervals between oil changes. Downtime in production can often be incredibly costly.

The environmental benefits are also huge. On the one hand, the volume of oil is minimised, which in turn clearly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. On the other hand, the need for the disposal of oil and oil filters is reduced, while the conversion from fossil mineral oils to bio-based oils is given a huge boost as the negative effect that occurs with the foreign dilution of the oil is eliminated thanks to the COT Oil Refiner.

Specialist expertise

In connection with the development of new solutions and innovations, there is of course the issue of compliance with the laws, rules, and standards that apply to the area in question. Often, the products must be certified by an accredited third party before they can be sold on the intended market.

In our partnership with COT, Avalon Innovation has acted as an external development unit. Avalon Innovation has, among other things, helped COT to run and compile all the certification work that’s relevant to their products. In this case, there is a large number of different standards, partly due to the specific properties of the products, but also due to the markets that they want to target, including CE, UKCA, UL, ATEX/IECEx, etc. Avalon has also assisted COT with highly advanced flow simulations, partly to theoretically verify functionality, but also for the purpose of performance optimisation. The work has resulted in an understanding of the technology and the underlying physics that otherwise would never have been possible to achieve.

We’re both happy and proud to contribute to the development of COT’s innovative products, especially since there is such a clear environmental focus. We’re convinced that their products will make a significant contribution to a more sustainable future, while also contributing directly to a positive cost picture for their customers.”
Jesper Sjögren, Project Operations Manager at Avalon Innovation

We’re very pleased with Avalon’s expertise in helping us in our work to further develop our unique solutions to cater for market needs.
Mats Backlund, CEO at COT

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David Hallberg
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– Calculation & simulation
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