Odinwell AB (Publ.) has chosen Avalon Innovation as its strategic product development partner to accelerate the development process, based on the research results and extensive patents owned by Odinwell. The development of sensor-driven treatment offerings is conducted in dialogue with leading players in wound care.

Odinwell offers a patented optical technology for the development of smart wound care dressings. The company has its roots in Redsense Medical AB. It has developed a patented optical sensor network that measures physical properties for integration into smart dressings, enabling cost-effective, sustainable, and continuous optical remote monitoring of acute and hard-to-heal wounds.

“We have chosen to collaborate with Avalon Innovation because they have extensive experience in turning research results and patents in the medical technology and optics fields into successful technical solutions at the product stage, which truly meets market needs in a sustainable and accurate manner. We are pleased to have found Avalon meeting our high standards, and that our competencies complement each other. Avalon Innovation demonstrated an understanding of our complexity and identified areas for improvement that we look forward to collaborating on to maximize our potential,” says Marcus Andersson, CTO at Odinwell AB.

Partnership for the future of wound care

“Avalon has an approach and methodology that drives development towards product which suits our desires. With strong and broad expertise ranging from industrial design to electronics design and teams experienced in developing smart wireless communication and most importantly good chemistry, we look forward to a brilliant collaboration,” says Susanne Olauson, CEO of Odinwell.

Technological innovation for more efficient wound care

“Odinwell is a very exciting Swedish young company in medical technology with a patented optical technology for monitoring wounds, without lifting the dressing. With our knowledge in product development and innovation, we want to contribute to future efficiencies in healthcare, increased patient safety, and improved wound care. It is fully in line with Avalon’s promise to actively contribute to a more sustainable society.

With the patient in focus, we at Avalon, together with the team at Odinwell, will develop product solutions for safer and more cost-effective wound management that will be able to support healthcare and its challenges. The core team will consist of Jesper Sjögren and Gert Hanner, both with extensive experience in product development in the Medical Devices field. I look forward to this journey with Susanne and the team at Odinwell,” says Helene Högberg, CEO of Avalon Innovation.

Odinwell is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market (ODIN).”