Connected E-DROP® delivery lockers simplify the day-to-day and enable sustainable deliveries for the growing digital trade. Personal E-DROP® delivery lockers primarily target owners of detached and terraced homes, while the new multi-lockers being launched this spring make it possible to receive secure, temperature-controlled and environmentally friendly deliveries to apartment buildings and office mail rooms too.

Locker units with three temperature zones are offered thanks to multi-modules, and the number of compartments can be adjusted based on the property in question. All products that can be purchased online, from groceries to shoes and cosmetics, can be ordered for delivery to a locker without the recipient having to be at home or visit a collection point. It should be just as easy to save time in your day-to-day life if you live in an apartment as it is if you live in a detached house — or if you happen to be at work at the time of delivery!

The user at the centre

Avalon Innovation are proud to be working with E-DROP and have been tasked with developing UX/UI for the multi-locker display. Our task is to ensure smooth and efficient delivery to the locker and a good user experience through the app, with the aim of making collection as easy as possible.

It’s great fun designing UX for a service that will help many users optimise their online shopping and simplify the logistics flow for shipping agents. Creating a user experience that feels modern and intuitive and that requires as few clicks as possible is the challenge we need to resolve in order to make the products as inviting and easy to use as possible,” says Maja Svensson, UX designer at Avalon Innovation.

The Avalon team worked efficiently to capture and structure our needs and requirements and were thus able to ensure that they delivered precisely what we needed. It has been great to work with a driven and positive team that see challenges as opportunities,” says Susanne Hjorthagen, Head of E-DROP.
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