Say hello to Andrew, he is an electronic developer and shares insights about the benefits of working as a consultant and the joy of constructing a CNC mill or an anodizing facility.

Hello Andrew! Tell us about yourself and your role at Avalon.

Fundamentally, I am an electronics developer. Today’s electronic development has started to involve a lot of software, so I mainly program, primarily embedded systems. Over the years, my interest in mechanics has taken more and more space, so now I am probably more of an ‘electromechanic’. When I’m not working on electronics, I enjoy cooking or engage in my other major interest, which is motorsports.

What made you choose the consulting industry?

Primarily two things. Firstly, I had been at my previous company for a long time, so I wanted to do something else. Secondly, I was curious about what was outside the walls of the company I had been with for more than 20 years. It was not an obvious decision to break away from a place where I had been for so long and experienced so many fun moments. The consulting company Avalon came up as one of several alternatives. I was a bit hesitant at first, would I become a consultant? Now, almost two years later, I can confidently say that it was the right decision. In the end, it was a motivating and determined group of people at Avalon’s office in Malmö that made me choose to work as a consult.

What are the advantages of being a consultant in electronics design?

The opportunity to choose different segments to be active in. Electronics design today is such a broad field that one can never stop learning. As a consultant, you have the opportunity for assignments in many different areas. It is extremely developing, not only in terms of developing electronics but also in getting to know and interact with new people and environments.

We’ve heard that you have your own workshop at home, what projects are you currently working on?

Yes, that’s correct. I have the privilege of having my profession as part of my hobby. It may not sound quite sane, but I find it insanely fun to design and build things even in my free time. Right now, I am finishing my CNC milling project that has been ongoing for several years. Before that, there was an anodizing facility, it’s like an air fryer, once you have one, you can’t live without it.

Christmas is almost here, what are you looking forward to?

The food, if I hadn’t done what I do today, I would want to be a chef. I think the Swedish Christmas table is fantastic, and I almost cook all the Christmas food myself. Then, things have a way of changing. Our family is Swedish/English, so over time, Christmas has started to be celebrated with turkey and Brussels sprouts. And as if that wasn’t enough, our son has moved to Denmark, so this year we will also celebrate Danish Christmas.

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