🚀 Get ready to meet Jenni – one of our shining stars, currently shining on a consulting assignments at Beyond Gravity! At Beyond Gravity in Linköping, approximately 200 people work on the development and manufacturing of advanced equipment for use in space. Yes, you read that right – space!

Who are Beyond Gravity and what is your role?

Beyond Gravity works on developing solutions for satellites, launch vehicles, and lithography. In Sweden, we have two sites: Gothenburg and Linköping. In Gothenburg, the focus is more on satellites within electronics and mechatronics, while in Linköping, it’s on mechanics and production of dispensers and separation systems. And that’s where I am!

Right now, I’m working on the major project Beyond Gravity has with Amazon, Project Kuiper. Amazon plans to launch satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to provide global internet through a constellation of a total of 3236 satellites. In Linköping, we design the cylinder structures, separation systems, which give the satellites the final push to orbit around the Earth. The satellites are launched with launch vehicles from space companies like ULA (United Launch Alliance), Arianespace, Blue Origin, and SpaceX. Together, they will contribute to the largest commercial satellite launch in history. How cool is that?!

What’s the best thing about your current assignment?

First and foremost: my colleagues! I also get to work with products in an exciting industry, or well, world, one might say! Space is something entirely different from the world we live in, and I really see the charm in what I don’t know much about! It feels especially exciting to be involved in projects with products that are actually going into the unknown! And being able to say that I work with “rocket science,” of course 😉

Snackas det om rymden i fikarummet?

Haha! Well, maybe not directly about space! However, sometimes we brainstorm about the products, which indirectly relates to space. I like that there’s such a spread of knowledge among colleagues. There are always plenty of topics to discuss, and we often end up in conversations that can veer off a bit. Often, we sit during coffee breaks and laugh at all sorts of strange discussions. But even from the less serious ones, new thoughts and ideas can arise, of course! The biggest question that often comes up is who placed all the small ducks around the office? 🐥🤔

How is it to work at Beyond Gravity?

I feel very welcomed and included as a consultant at Beyond Gravity. It’s rare that I feel a sense of “us” and “them,” which I find nice. They also have many consultants, so it would have been extremely boring if half of the team were never involved in happenings. This applies not only to the “fun” stuff but also in work and within projects. I think there’s a nice culture of helping out, or however you want to put it. Personally, I never feel it’s wrong to ask for help; everyone seems understanding and helpful when needed, despite there usually being a lot to do.

It says a lot when you bump into Beyond Gravity’s CEO, Per Lovatt, at the airport, and you can sit and talk about practically anything while waiting for the same flight home. And then he waits for you, even though you’re the last one off the plane.

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