“We contacted Avalon Innovation because we wanted to find a technical solution to make everyday life easier for our customers. Electricity agreements are something that everyone needs, but that many hesitate to get to grips with. We wanted there to be optimal user-friendliness, accessible support and transparent pricing by

integrating a link to an independent price comparison site such as elskling.se. We were the first in Sweden to have an easily accessible app, and we hope that our customers save both time and money by using Enkla Elbolaget!

Thomas Andersson, Enkla Elbolaget

A focus on user-friendliness

Enkla Elbolaget wanted to achieve greater simplicity in the Swedish electricity market in order to make it easier for their customers to sign electricity agreements.

As there was no comparable service in the same segment and it was previously a regulated market, the biggest challenge was to achieve optimal user-friendliness for customers in a tool for electricity agreements with which they were not familiar.

A customer portal was created, with Avalon Innovation assuming responsibility for all system design and associated development. The outcome was that Enkla Elbolaget was the very first electricity company in Sweden to have a customer portal for mobiles. The “Min El” [”My Electricity”] app is downloadable free of charge for iOS and Android. Enkla Elbolaget was also first to package “Min El” for Facebook. The company’s customers can now manage their electricity matters, e.g. renew agreements or see readings and invoices, directly via their mobile or from Facebook. Always with a focus on the customer and user-friendliness.



Curious about how we work with the competences that were involved in the project? Feel free to find out more!

– System Development

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