Since 2015, Galio of Sweden has been offering school-leavers across Sweden customised student caps that can easily be ordered from the comfort of the customer’s sofa. Today, Galio of Sweden consists of an online shop offering a comprehensive and interactive shopping experience. The shop has been built to support sales being carried out in schools as well as to promote pure e-commerce customers.

Working alongside Galio of Sweden’s in-house development team, Avalon Innovation was tasked with developing and improving the platform through the addition of modern new functions. An improved structure was created in parallel with this, creating new conditions for scaling up the platform with future functionality and modules.

Customised functions

The project is ongoing and focuses on developing an already tailored solution with various technologies and on finding smart ways forward and developing functions for future seasons.

A couple of highlights from recent months are, firstly, a brand-new function that allows the user to use the interface to upload an image from their device which then goes all the way from the order to the factory, delivery and, finally, the customer. Secondly, a unique function developed together with the v-commerce company Baetes is a virtual fitting room that has been seamlessly integrated with Galio’s e-commerce platform. Galio’s online shop allows school-leavers to design their own student caps in full 3D using hundreds of options. They can also make changes to their product right up until the day that it enters production.

Over the course of the collaboration, Avalon Innovation has proved themselves to be indispensable to continued development, as they have not only carried out the agreed tasks but also provided valuable input, ideas and solutions. The developers have been incredibly flexible and helpful throughout the process. Together with Avalon Innovation, we have created an example of cutting-edge e-commerce!
Emma Nilsson, E-commerce Manager,
Galio of Sweden

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Patrik Enarsson
+46 70-833 60 15

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