Avalon innovation recently reinforced our core team in the Software & Cloud area through the recruitment of Jon Gylling for the position as Technical Lead Software & Cloud in Uppsala. The position is completely new in the company and is another investment in the area of system development, digitalisation and cloud services.

That Avalon Innovation strategically reinforces its position within software development and cloud services is a reaction to big demand from customers. The cloud service market is growing steadily and Avalon has a big focus on projects where hardware and software interact in the smart services and systems of the future, both at existing and new customers. This position enables Avalon Innovation the opportunity for further recruitment for several other positions and competencies. The expansion is happening across the whole country, beginning with Blekinge, Skåne, Stockholm and Uppsala.

Jon has been in the business for a long time and in many leading positions in development, both as a consultant and in the industry. Besides having a good business sense and being customer minded, Jon is a driven developer with experience of app development, embedded systems and cloud development with .NET and Azure.

Jon’s experience of developing advanced software solutions, as well as cheering on and leading development and teams, makes it possible for him to take on most of the roles – everything from coaching product owners to leading development teams or coding as part of a team. It’s the passion for the business and the usefulness in a solution that drives Jon. something that is much appreciated by both clients and coworkers. In Avalon Jon is also part of core team in our project department where he is a software architect and a technical sounding board for clients as well as a technical sales support.

It feels very exciting to get the trust to work with this investment which I see as a natural step in Avalon’s and our clients’ continued development. Avalon Innovation has an ability to find a unique area in our clients where we can increase the value that we deliver besides our competence with the help of our knowledge within several different business areas and our mindset about innovation, product development and system development. Many companies are about to take a radical journey when they take the step to connected devices. There is also a huge amount of investment in the area, least of which in the investment you can see made by Microsoft in Azure and Azure IoT. There are simply huge savings and exciting business opportunities for those that take the step towards connecting their units and it’s a lot easier than many think.. I’m looking forward to taking the next step with Avalon to make our digital offering even more enticing. ” says Jon Gylling.

Jon is a key player in our team in the expansion phase that we are in. It means a lot for me in my role to get a technical lead SW & Cloud in Uppsala, partly because Jon completes the team, but also because of our regional investment where digitalization and IoT are a part of nearly every project. In Jon, we’re getting an expert that can have a dialogue with the clients about how to best satisfy their needs. We’ll continue to grow the team in the coming years by employing the best developers and talents. Jon will be an important part of ensuring the knowledge and the talent in these potential new hires, but also to make sure that all avalons have an evolving and fun time with us.” says Thomas Fröberg, Business Director på Avalon Innovation.