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When our customers want to hire us, we always adapt the assignment to the need and the form of the collaboration. Many customers choose engineers from Avalon to add resources to their projects on site, and the fact that more than 97% of them want to hire us again is a clear acknowledgement that our employees have extremely high capacity with the right knowledge for the assignment. It is also really pleasing that our customers choose Avalon when they outsource their projects to an external partner for a full-service assignment. We believe that 50% of our turnover will soon be generated by project orders from our clients.

We have two basic delivery models: development partner and consultants.

Development partner

We have extensive experience of running and executing full-service assignments in our own project organisation, and we carry out projects of all sizes and in all phases. The project form is always adapted to the customer’s needs, and by applying our project management process, in combination with our unique Avalon Innovation Model™, we transform the customer’s business goals and users’ most important needs into efficient development projects and assume total responsibility from beginning to end.

We have capacity to assume responsibility for the whole project and delivery. Being able to efficiently create and handle project plans, resource allocation, schedules, budgets, risks and deviations, together with the team’s overall ability to deliver on the project, is decisive in determining how successful the project is.

Our work method, combined with our broad experience of developing innovative solutions, produces better results at a lower cost in a shorter time. It can be anything from building a test rig or developing a totally new service to investigating how a product portfolio can be developed in order to meet future needs.

With Avalon as your development partner, you have access to the full breadth of our leading-edge expertise, our unique innovation model and our deep insights into innovation.


We are able to provide both capacity and unique specialists for your projects, all based on the needs in question. Our senior business developers ensures that our candidates match the requirement profile, and in a close dialogue between all parties we make sure to have a really good cooperation throughout the mission.

Our geographical spread in Scandinavia means that we probably have the right specialists close to the customer where the size of our teams in each location will enable us to help both small and large projects, with both smaller and larger teams of specialists. Our consultants work according to customer design and project management. The missions can be carried out either at the customer site or in our facilities, either way we become a natural part of the team and will help our customers’ development projects reach the objectives.

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For more than 20 years, we have been creating innovative product and system solutions for leading technology companies. With deep insights into innovation and a broad base of technical expertise, we help our customers face the future.

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