Thanks to a very positive trend with a high number of incoming orders, Howden was in need of extra resources to support some of its projects.

Howden is an international company that develops, constructs and delivers air and gas handling equipment globally in order to add maximum value to its customers’ businesses.

Great collaboration

Avalon Innovation and Howden have been working together for a long time, a collaboration that started with traditional consultancy resources. Following an increase in the volume of incoming orders, Howden needed an external project team to help its employees with the workload.

An external project group was set up in our premises, to help with complete 3D technology and 2D documentation projects based on Howden’s specifications.

The collaboration has resulted in Howden now being able to carry out twice as many projects, and thanks to the flexibility provided by Avalon Innovation’s project group, Howden can scale its R&D resources up and down without losing core competence.

”For Howden, it’s important to have a good, reliable partner, so that we can meet our customers’ expectations and deliver projects in accordance with defined time frames and with high quality. For me, a good partner understands my needs and can support my business in a flexible way, without too many transaction costs. Avalon Innovation does that!”

Ove Nicolaisen Ernst
Technical Manager, Howden

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Curious about how we work with the competences that were involved in the project? Feel free to find out more!

– Product Development
– Mechanical Engineering

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