There is sometimes a misunderstanding about design, that a designer with their own creativity can solve all the world’s problems. Although I enjoy being seen as a superhero, that is not the case at all. To create sustainable innovation for tomorrow, we need to understand the needs of the users of our products and services.
That is why we start every project with an insight phase, which is the first part of our innovation model – the Avalon Innovation Model™. Through interviews, observations, and data analysis, we gain an understanding of how the product is used, what works well, and where there is a need for improvement. By doing so, we significantly increase our chances of making the right decisions while minimizing the risk of not meeting the set goals.

Identifying the needs

An example where we worked according to our innovation model is when we developed a respiratory protection mask for Sundström Safety. Some of the challenges identified by users were that the masks did not fit all head sizes. They were often either too big or too small and caused discomfort to the user. The need to have an adjustable device that did not cause irritation during long-term use was captured.

The need mentioned in the example above is then reformulated into features, where we create solutions for each need. The solutions are combined into different design concepts. Using selection tools, the concept that best meets the needs and goals of the project is chosen.

Insight-based project work

At Avalon Innovation, we have a group within Insight & Design that works to deepen and improve our work in the insight and design phase. This includes the development of the Avalon Innovation Model and our creative tools, as well as identifying new customer segments and matching our offerings to customers. Our goal is to become even better at providing our customers with sustainable and innovative products and services based on deep insights that minimize the risk of failure.

We see an increased demand for insight-based project work, and therefore, the investment in Insight & Design is not a coincidence. We have extensive experience in various industries, which gives us confidence in our work. The work will continue, together with our clients, to create products and services that meet the needs of tomorrow.

About the author:

Matthias Bjerkesjö Braakman, Industrial Designer/ Lead – Strategic Growth, Insight & Design på Avalon Innovation