Over the years we have seen that many companies hurry through preliminary studies in their development projects or think they are unnecessary. Our experience says that proper insight is the key to a successful solution. It is always more expensive to gain insights when solution is already implemented than at an early strategic stage.

We believe that each project should start with two simple questions: what and why? We then define clear project, impact and product goals and have a well-proven strategy for creating the conditions for achieving them.

To build knowledge about current users, competitors and markets is crucial for success in short term. To understand where users will be and what they need in future is the secret to build long term advantage. To understand and to have insights into the future of the product/service/experience is the most powerful starting point for successful innovation development.

With focus on business goals and specific stakeholders, we track and measure tomorrow’s most important unfulfilled needs. The goal is to gain the right knowledge of the key challenges (linked to business goals) and to build a clear platform to generate new and unique values. The right insight is the most important factor for success of a project – always.

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Helene Högberg, Operations Director på Avalon Innovation