Exciting times! Our new office in Karlskrona recently opened its doors. We took the opportunity to ask some questions to our Business Manager, Patrik Enarsson, and Team Leader, Johan Bruce, who shared their vision and thoughts about the grand opening.

🎤 Tell us, how did the idea for an office in Karlskrona come about?

⚓️ We see great potential here; Karlskrona is a beautiful city with many opportunities that radiate innovation and maritime product development. We already have several clients in Karlskrona, and with our new office, we can get closer to them and offer a convenient office for our current and future Avalon team members.

🎤 Where can we find the new office in Karlskrona?

📍Avalon is opening its new office in The Pot, located in the heart of Karlskrona. We chose The Pot because the space reflects much of what feels familiar to Avalon, such as innovative product development and humble entrepreneurship. We’re really looking forward to enjoy this environment!

🎤 If one becomes a part of the team in Karlskrona, what can they expect?

💙 To be part of the development. With us, you’ll grow as an individual while having significant opportunities to contribute to Avalon’s development. We offer an open work environment where you, as an employee, have the opportunity to be involved in project choices and other company activities. If we may say so ourselves, we’re also a friendly and pleasant group!

🎤 What types of technical consultants and engineers are you looking for in the Karlskrona area?

👩‍💻 Mechanical designers, technical writers, production technicians, and project managers with a technical background. If you’re interested in being part of our team in Karlskrona, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll treat you to a cup of coffee and a friendly conversation!