Tadarsa Logistics in Spain needed to handle pipe sections about 40 metres long and each weighing 260 tonnes for a new generation of wind turbines that were to be installed at sea. The biggest

reach stacker at the time could manage 103 tonnes, making it too weak to be able to lift the pipes onto the ships. As new world champion had to be developed, and the assignment was given to Kalmar.

Super Gloria

The time from feasibility study to delivery was only nine months, which meant that efficiency and competence in the project needed to be in place immediately. Avalon Innovation’s engineers already had experience of Kalmar’s machines and were able to go in straight away and reinforce the internal team in their work to design the machines. The resource reinforcement from our side consisted primarily of the installation of sub-functions in the machine, such as engine heaters for the entire electrical system, engine installation and mechanical design. The preliminary study was launched in January 2015, drawing and design started in April and the machine was launched at the end of September that year.

The result was the DRG1300-92ZX, or Super Gloria as it was known. Super Gloria is the biggest reach stacker ever built, with the capacity to lift an incredible 130 tonnes. That’s a world record!

As it was a very short project period, with everything from the preliminary study to the launch of the finished product in only nine months, it required a great deal of resources. We’ve worked before with Avalon Innovation as an extra resource and are extremely pleased with our collaboration and their competence in the fields of design and mechanical engineering.”

Per-Erik Johansson



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