Kalmar Global is world leading in the development of forklift trucks and trucks for container lifts. In order to convince the customers that it is beneficial to run a “Kalmar” over time with regard to both performance and economy, 

they need to be able to show the unique value added when choosing their machines. Based on the Avalon Innovation Model™, Avalon Innovation was trusted to take on the challenge.

Total Cost of Ownership

During the Insight phase, it was clear that we had identified completely new requirements and wishes based on the current sales approach, and we focused on the needs with the greatest innovation potential. The most important question to answer was – What is the cost of a lift?

The project shifted to a digitalization/IOT project aimed at building a Total Cost of Ownership Calculator. The Calculator helps Kalmar’s reachstacker customers to find which machines will yield the highest return on investment. Through real-time data from machine sensors, data from price lists and innovative and complex fuel consumption formulas, we were able to use a sales tool to generate well-informed suggestions described in text and graphs. The suggestions help the customers make the best decisions. We designed, developed and implemented a Total Cost of Ownership Calculator that generates a cost per lift/year/ton including everything, regardless of truck model, accessory, type of ownership, driving situation and age of the truck.

The result was a comprehensive configurator in which the end customer can compare models live, get an overview of the different parts of the operating cost as well as gaining an understanding of their productivity and future needs.

When the right information is presented to the right recipient in a comprehensible way, new business opportunities will arise for both parties.

For more information contact:
Helene Högberg
070 – 454 37 73

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Curious about how we work with the services and competences that were involved in the project? Feel free to find out more!

– UX design
Information design
Innovation management
Project management
IoT & cloud

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