On October 2nd, Avalon Innovation opened its doors with an office in Karlskrona. Avalon Innovation was founded in 1997 in Blekinge, and having a presence in two cities is an important step for our growth in the region.

The proximity to Blekinge Technical University, along with being closer to our key clients in the region and the high demand for our job openings in Karlskrona, makes this a significant move for our operations.

Karlskrona is also an incredibly beautiful city, and establishing an office at The Pot feels absolutely right for us.

“Avalon Innovation is proud to be a part of Karlskrona’s journey from a telecom city to a thriving industrial city. Our new office in Karlskrona represents an exciting milestone in this journey and our commitment to being closer to our clients and partners,” says Patrik Enarsson, Business Director at Avalon Innovation.