Of approximately 400 million diabetics in the world, around one in two suffers peripheral nerve damage. This damage results in the person in question having impaired sensory perception, primarily in the hands and feet, which can in the worst case result in amputation. To discover the damage, an analysis must be performed of the state of the nerves. The tool currently used all over the world is a tuning fork. By holding it against the patient’s hands and feet,

the doctor investigates whether the patient can perceive the vibrations.  Using a tuning fork is an outdated method with large margins of error. Furthermore, it is not possible to discover the damage until it is quite serious. With its NESQ testing device, Lara Diagnostics aims to modernise diabetes care and save patients all over the world from serious injuries.

Next-generation measuring instrument

Avalon Innovation was entrusted with the task of conducting its own research work and a number of field studies together with Lara Diagnostics in order to gain a better understanding of the end user. We then helped them with the design and enclosure of their next-generation measuring instrument 2.0 with reference to insights gained from research work. We also produced versions for marketing and launch material.

One of the challenges was to design the product while bearing in mind that not all users perform the examinations in the same way. Partly from an ergonomic perspective, but also with reference to the previous references and experiences of the person performing the examination.

The product is used to diagnose peripheral nerve damage. The instrument measures temperatures and transmits vibrations in order to find nerve injuries even in thin fibres, where the damage first occurs. It is a user-friendly system that enables the doctor and the patient to monitor the course of the disease, identify early indications of damage and take action if necessary.

The advantages of the product are that two examination processes can be performed using the same tool. It also provides a measured value that can be used later for monitoring purposes.

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