Insight · January 2021

The path to a successful partnership

One way of building a strong client relationship is to offer new pathways for collaboration, one of which could be acting as a development partner. What does this mean, and what is the most important ...

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Insight · January 2021

To lead and to be led – together!

If you succeed in building sustainable and long-lasting relationships and ensuring that your entire team is made up of colleagues who love what they do, want to develop and make tomorrow markedly bett...

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Everything that CAN be digitalised WILL be digitalised!


Digitalisation is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. The ongoing pandemic has not made the topic any less relevant, considering how it has forced companies to restructure their business.

RUST – to program in a new language


One of our customers has recently started using Rust as a complement to C. We thought it was really exciting and took the opportunity to ask our consultant Robin some questions to hear how the change has worked.

“Sell me this pen.”


My reality. To still be the "product guy" at heart but let the product building be done by our heroes, the engineers. My focus is on building what I can, the relationship with our customer.

Sabina Johansson takes over the role of Chief Financial Officer


Avalon Innovation has appointed Sabina Johansson as new CFO. The date for access is 1 October 2020.

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