To us at Avalon Innovation, market driven innovation is characterized by the ability to successfully develop new and unique products, processes and services with the right experience for the right user – for the future market.

What is needed to succeed?
To begin with, you must have a clear and rooted innovation strategy with measurable power, project and product objectives. Without it, the risk of wrong investments is great. Before starting an innovation project, ensure that you have the right skills to get the job done in an innovative corporate culture. The assigned team will together have the ability to create something new and unique based on the crucial insights you find during, probably most important phase of the project, – the insight phase.

With business goals and specific stakeholders in focus you identify the unfulfilled needs with the greatest potential for innovation. By having a simple and flexible process to comply with the right amount of documentation and creative tools, you minimize risk and solve the future users’ needs today with tomorrow’s smartest approach. The conclusion to be secure in your launch and communication to the market can open up completely new possibilities.

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About the author:

Helene Högberg, Operations Director at Avalon Innovation