Are you a student with an interest in sustainability, environment, and product development – look here! Are you searching for thesis projects? – Bullseye! This year’s thesis projects are released! Apply now and become part of our team at Avalon Innovation! We are now looking for two creative students who want to be part of shaping tomorrow’s innovations, by building a platform for measuring sustainable innovation in our and our clients’ development projects. 💡🌍

Build tools for measuring sustainable innovation

As part of our team from day one, you will collaborate with us at Avalon Innovation to develop a tool that concretely, visually, and accurately visualizes the progress we make in projects regarding sustainability. The tool will contribute to addressing the challenges we face today, but also pave the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

“We are looking for those who want to combine decisions from the global sustainability goals, analytical skills from your academic studies, and relevant knowledge about sustainability in product development from your education, with the drive to truly make a positive difference for future product launches. Through the tool, the designer will answer relevant questions in various categories, facilitating decision-making based on measurable and sustainable parameters. In this way, project teams can easily evaluate and improve their solutions, and clearly track progress in the environmental and sustainability areas.” says Helene Högberg, CEO of Avalon Innovation and supervisor for the thesis project.

Do you want to write a thesis project on sustainable innovation? Application is open!

It’s not always easy to formulate an application – what’s important to consider? What qualifications are needed? What does a good application look like? We asked Pernilla Ingemansson and Anna Wärdell, our Talent Acquisition Specialists, to gain a better understanding of what might be crucial in the recruitment process.

What’s important to consider in the application?

“A clear application is a good application! Highlight your relevant courses, experiences, and interests so that we can easily interpret your application according to the qualifications we mention in the ad. Also, consider that we are happy to connect with you who want to contribute to Avalon’s thesis projects in 2024. Therefore, think about what ideas you have for the project and if you have any questions to ask us to make a decision. We want to match with you, but it’s not just us who should ask the questions.” says Anna Wärdell, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Avalon Innovation.

What specific qualifications and experiences are you looking for in applicants for the thesis project?

“You should preferably have studied a program where product development and sustainability have been in focus, and as you will be based on our innovation model, the Avalon Innovation Model, we see that you should bring new insights and knowledge about sustainable design and sustainable business models from your academic studies to us. Therefore, please highlight what you know about this important topic.” says Pernilla Ingemansson, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Avalon Innovation.

“We are looking for someone who wants to contribute to Avalon’s continued work with sustainable product development by building a tool that helps project teams. The first requirement is a relevant education where you are in the phase to start your thesis project in August. What constitutes a relevant education can vary because different institutions sometimes name programs and courses differently, therefore, we describe it as having a focus on sustainability and product development. Read more keywords and relevant educations in the ad. Among the personal qualities, we value your creativity and structure. If you have also been involved in sustainability issues or product development in part-time jobs or extracurricular activities alongside your studies, it is especially interesting.” says Anna Wärdell, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Avalon Innovation.”