Since the beginning of 1997, Avalon Innovation has carried out more than ONE THOUSAND projects and consulting assignments. Throughout these years, we have noticed that the project’s scope, size, and complexity continuously increased demands on Avalon’s internal organization and delivery capacity. From our customers, we earn more trust to take on a role as their leading developing partner in qualified and multi-disciplined projects.

During times of changing markets and increasing globalization of the assignments we help our customers with, we will take a further step forward to meet the market needs. We are happy to announce that we, within our project organization, will consolidate and coordinate operations regardless of geographic origins.

It means that you, as a customer, acquire access to a larger group of qualitative seniors and 100% dedicated experts in product development with backgrounds and competencies in various disciplines. Moreover, it means that we strengthen and enhance the cooperation with partners in our network and, at the same time we have access to knowledge from 150 incredibly skillful engineers at Avalon.

Dag Lindhal has acceded to the role as Head of Business Development, Projects with general responsibility for Avalon’s business development of project commitment. In his new role as Head of PMO, Jesper Sjögren is responsible for operational as well as strategic work addressed for the execution of the project.

“Avalon is now in an expansive and exciting stage where we can help with the complex challenges that our customers face. I can assert that the collective competence at Avalon is truly unique, and the variety of completed projects based not only on technology but also branches, product types, and markets is vast. We can deliver everything from complete projects where the customer has identified the market gap, and we make sure to bring the idea to a final product, as well as projects where we can complement the knowledge in the areas where customers need help…and everything in between. At Avalon, we can offer a “One-Stop-Shop” if it is desirable, and to lead this work together with all the amazing colleagues we have at Avalon feels very exciting and inspiring.” says Jesper Sjögren.

“It will be very stimulating to take the project-oriented business to the next level. Already well-established organization will be even more impactful and effective, and I look forward to solving more of the customer challenges together with my colleagues.” says Dag Lindahl