Swegon is part of the publicly listed Latour Group and is a market leader in the field of energy-efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems. The ventilation industry’s market has changed in recent years. In order to maintain a leading position, Swegon has implemented major structural changes and is developing the next generation of wireless control systems with associated products.

New WISE is the first intelligent wireless control system for demand-based indoor climate in the market. It optimises the amount of energy used to create a good indoor climate and is ideal for reducing energy consumption in buildings to a minimum.


With New WISE, Swegon is taking control over the entire chain of events, from manufacturing and sales to system design, installation, hand-over and maintenance of the system. Big data in real time from the system can also be used to cost-optimise a property’s economic performance. New WISE also minimises the number of components included, which eliminates several expensive processes from manufacturing and facilitates installation and operation. The wireless system means that all configuration takes place on site after installation.

In the development of New WISE, Swegon turned to a team of specialists from Avalon Innovation for help in the areas of project management, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics, software design, development and system architecture. Thanks to our Avalon Innovation Model ™, the project delivery was guaranteed by analysing the entire product life cycle through to the CE marking and industrialisation of New WISE.

New WISE offers a distinctive, well-considered product portfolio. Suppliers, partners and competitors were overwhelmed when the product family was launched at the Nordbygg trade fair in April 2016.

“Our Danish colleagues were waxing lyrical! They thought that they were smart, good products with a very exciting future.”
Kristian Pettersson

For more information, please contact:
Thomas Fröberg
+46 70 844 42 23


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Curious about how we work with the competences that were involved in the project?? Feel free to find out more!

– Product & system development
– IoT & cloud
Development partner
– Avalon Innovation Model
Project management
Industrial design
Mechanical engineering
Embedded systems

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