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Write Master Thesis with us!


This year’s thesis projects are released! Apply now and become part of our team at Avalon Innovation!

Collaboration for safer, cost-effective wound care


Odinwell AB (Publ.) has chosen Avalon Innovation as its strategic product development partner to accelerate the development process, based on the research results and extensive patents owned by the company.

How can AI assist me, my company, or my product to do better?


ChatGPT has introduced us to a new era of innovation, flexibility, and efficiency. What opportunities exist with OpenAI?

Fast charging – impact on battery lifespan


How many of the devices you use in your daily life run on batteries? Ever wondered why your smartphone battery doesn’t last as long as it used to? It could be because of constant fast charging.

Our partner and subcontractor network is growing


What a great start to the year! The interest in working on creative assignments with high levels of innovation alongside driven colleagues is attracting more and more consultants to join us at Avalon Innovation.

Jenni about Beyond Gravity and the work with Project Kuiper


Jennni works on the major project Beyond Gravity has with Amazon, Project Kuiper. Amazon plans to launch satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to provide global internet through a constellation of a total of 3236 satellites.

TC TECH subsidiary of Avalon Innovation


Sedan ett tag tillbaka är TC TECH Sweden AB dotterbolag till oss på Avalon Innovation. Det är helt i linje med vår strategi om att driva komplex teknikutveckling inom hållbar innovation.

Ajsha about Avalon Talent Program


Ajsha is one of 5 talents in the Avalon Talent Program 23/24. We had a chat with Ajsha about the future, lessons learned, and memorable events.

Interview with Johan about neural network


Johan, in addition to his consulting role, is also the AI lead at Avalon. He shares the latest insights on neural networks, AI trends, and how AI can simplify daily life.

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