Avalon Innovation has appointed Jonathan Nilsson as Regional Manager, which means that he will be responsible for our team within design, mechanics, technical writing and software in Helsingborg as well as software and technical writing in Malmö. Date of admittance is the 1st of September 2023.

Jonathan started with us as Account Manager in the spring of 2020 and has in an impressive way gradually taken greater responsibility for the business and in the teams in the region and now manages several large customer accounts. The market in hardware design is growing steadily and Avalon has a large focus on projects and products where hardware and software are integrated into smart services and systems of the future, both with existing and new customers.
In his new role, he will also continue to have the responsibility for the business development within mechanics.

I have, since my start at Avalon, been impressed with my colleagues and the amazing competence we possess within the company. To work together with these fantastic and innovative people in a bigger and more strategic role is something I am really looking forward to. We have a history of being a strong and innovative consultant company in the region and I believe in a stable growth at both locations of additional competencies within the segments we see our customers are moving towards. It is going to be incredibly fun to develop the region together with colleagues and customers!” says Jonathan Nilsson.

Jonathan is a driven, goal oriented and fearless colleague that has contributed greatly to the development journey Avalon is on. I feel safe to be working together and develop our business in Skåne together. Our mission is to help our customers to meet the future – each challenge requires a specific competence and it is our absolute speciality to match each assignment with the right colleague. We will together employ the best talents and ensure that all avalons have a developing and fun time with us. Good luck Jonathan – this will be fun!” says Patrik Enarsson, Business Director South at Avalon Innovation