What a great start to the year! The interest in working on creative assignments with high levels of innovation alongside driven colleagues is attracting more and more consultants to join us at Avalon Innovation.

Avalon’s network of partner and subcontractor consultants is growing every year, and in 2024, we have matched more partner and subcontractor consultants with interesting assignments than in any previous year. Why is the interest in our partner network growing? We have summarized some of the reasons in an interview with our partner team.

What is the reason for the high demand to join Avalon’s partner and subcontractor consultant network?

We have driven and experienced business developers at Avalon who have close dialogues with our clients. This means we receive more requests than we can handle with our own team. Some industry colleagues outsource the assignments their consultants are not interested in taking themselves, where the level of innovation may not always be high. With us, it’s exactly the opposite. We rarely have maintenance assignments of a simpler and less stimulating nature; instead, it’s almost always about new development and exciting assignments.

We also have framework agreements with interesting companies that independent consultants and smaller consulting firms lack, and the path to these assignments is through our agreements. Finally, we have an attractive offer for our partner consultants, where they can be part of our great community and work from our offices if they wish. If they choose to sign an assignment as a subcontractor, we act as intermediaries for the assignment, while our partner consultants receive “more from us.” Something that is truly appreciated!

What is the difference between a partner consultant and a subcontractor?

As a partner consultant, you become part of our team and network. We ensure tailored matching between your motivations and the clients’ needs, with a Business Manager acting as your sounding board and advocating for your interests alongside a large business team. We can provide licenses and office space, and we are happy to assist with invoicing.

As a subcontractor, you follow available assignments on our website and submit your interest for each specific assignment yourself. If the matching is right, your profile is suggested.

How does one become part of Avalon’s partner network?

We recently launched our new page on our website where you can easily register as a partner consultant and subscribe to relevant available assignments. We then make a selection and interview those who have applied as partner consultants to ensure they fit us, our clients’ needs, and we share values regarding our core values and view on sustainable innovation. After that, our business developers have access to the partner consultants’ profiles and make matches. Before each new assignment, a contract is signed. When a partner consultant finds any of the assignments we post interesting, it’s important for them to notify us by applying for the assignment.

What do we want to improve for our partner consultants?

We will involve our partner consultants in our community and invite them to events and opportunities to participate in edcutations for competence development (at cost price). The ability to rent licenses from us is also something that has been requested, as well as assistance with accounting and finances.

What are our requirements for being a partner consultant?

Our partner consultants (self-employed) should complement our team’s knowledge and contribute experiences we don’t possess ourselves or have available capacity for. Sometimes it may involve niche expertise in acoustics or simulation, other times in IT security and AI. The important thing ultimately is that we can help our clients with their needs and match their challenges with relevant expertise that truly contributes. To be a partner consultant with us, you need to share our values and be willing to represent our brand.

What do we believe about the future?

Sweden is facing a significant challenge in meeting companies’ challenges with relevant expertise. Therefore, it is important for consulting firms to collaborate effectively and help find and further develop talents that can contribute to all the important technological developments we face in Sweden. IT security and developing our defense are two huge areas that will require many engineers in the coming years. Companies need to rethink and open up to remote teams and project-based work. Today, we can work effectively without being in the same locations. Companies that adapt their remote work strategy quickly, even when local expertise is lacking, have an advantage in attracting talent and driving their development forward. It’s a combination of available teams and technology, but it also requires openness to change both mindset and working methods.”