SkyView consists of two fully glazed, spherical cabins, each on their own set of rails, that take visitors up to the top of the Avicii Arena – the biggest spherical building in the world. Nothing like it had ever been built before, which meant there were unique demands on design, construction and assembly.

The idea behind SkyView was born in 2004 in the mind of Avicii Arena’s CEO at the time, Ulf Larsson, to attract more visitors to the area around the Globe. Liftbyggarna, with 60 years’ experience of ski lift systems in the Swedish mountains, won the order and turned to Avalon Innovation for help.


Work started with calculations and the production of reinforcements on the inside of the Avicii Arena containing 42 tonnes of steel, in order to guarantee stability despite the extra weight of 70 tonnes of rails that were built onto one side. Avalon Innovation was responsible for the design and calculation of the rails, the drive and turning station for the gondola, as well as the rescue bridge between the gondolas in the event of an accident or evacuation. The installation of the rails using a helicopter also demanded a reduced weight for each rail section, while still maintaining its strength. We performed life cycle analyses, calculations of dimensioning loads, simulations of screw and weld joints, and fatigue calculations in order to guarantee the safety of the attraction.

SkyView opened in 2010, since when it has attracted many new visitors to the area. The attraction offers the visitor an exclusive experience and an amazing view over the whole of Stockholm from a height of 130 metres.

Thanks to the competence contributed by Avalon Innovation with extremely advanced calculation of stability, we’ve been able to create a unique product that is unique in the world. An experience for any visitor who wants to look out over beautiful Stockholm.”
– Harry Sjöström, Liftbyggarna



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– Calculation & Simulation

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