TC TECH Sweden AB has been a subsidiary of Avalon Innovation for some time now. This is fully in line with Avalon’s strategy of pursuing complex technology development within sustainable innovation.

At Avalon Innovation, we have successfully built up our project operations with the objective that a large proportion of the total revenue should come from project engagements, where our clients entrust us with their challenges, and we take on the role of their development partner. The projects are in areas such as complex mechanical engineering, consumer electronics, embedded systems, and advanced IoT solutions.

TC TECH is an innovative technology company with a proprietary patented system for the production of optical films with nano-sized patterns using precision-controlled induction heating. This is achieved by quickly and precisely heating up and cooling down different materials to create 100% replication from a master. TC TECH is focusing on the manufacturing industry with its advanced plastic parts for various applications such as diffusers for micro-/mini-LED, Light Guide Plates (LGP), VR, front lights, optical films for monitors, and microfluidics in the biotech area.

TC TECH’s technology is allowing for the creation of more advanced patterns for mass production than was previously possible. The technology is helping to reduce energy consumption in both the manufacturing process and the use of the final product, making it an important innovation in all the screens that are sold around the world each year.

“TC TECH has an incredible number of synergies with the skills we already have at Avalon Innovation. Over the years, we’ve been trusted to offer our consultants to TC TECH, primarily in design, construction, electronics, technical documentation, and project management. In order for TC TECH to take its next strategic step and deliver systems globally based on a variety of customer needs, we need to optimise the matching of Avalon’s knowledge, way of working, and size with TC TECH’s needs,” says Helene Högberg, CEO of Avalon Innovation.

“The strengthening of our collaboration with Avalon Innovation and the ability to leverage its huge skills pool is an important step for TC TECH’s continued development. This will enable us to accelerate the continued development of our unique TCP 170 system. For some time already, TC TECH has been assisted by Avalon Innovation’s many skilled and creative consultants, who have contributed both to the development of our TCP 170 system and in projects where we’re developing unique induction solutions. We’re looking forward to continuing to innovate and grow together with Avalon Innovation,” says Petter Karlow Herzog, CTO/COO at TC TECH.

In connection with the acquisition, Helene Högberg assumed the role of CEO at Avalon Innovation, of which TC TECH is a subsidiary, with Alexander Luiga in the role of TC TECH’s CEO and Petter Karlow Herzog its CTO/COO. Sabina Sonesson assumes the role of CFO and Johanna Bergquist the role of Head of People & Culture in the Avalon group.