Modern, established processes for communicating information on containers in the beverages industry are time-consuming and resource-intensive. The information that people want to convey, either directly on a bottle or a label, for example, require lengthy preparation

and involve capital being tied up with complex logistics and warehousing. In recent years, alternative printing technologies have become established in the market that could result in radically reduced lead times and the minimising of what are known as “Store Keeping Units”.

Labeling on demand

In 2014, Avalon Innovation started a collaboration with a world-leading company in the bottle industry, with a view to helping investigate how suitable alternative technologies might be for the market segment in which the customer operates. The analysis was performed using multiple technologies from a technical, financial and commercial perspective.

We delivered, among other things, in-depth insight analyses, design proposals, conceptual designs, cost calculations, production costings, risk analyses, capacity calculations, logistical analyses, financial/marketing costings and a business model.

The project resulted in totally new, revolutionary solutions and approaches. The material also helped the client’s management group to make extremely well-grounded decisions on how they should plan the future product portfolio and upcoming R&D initiatives.

“Drawing up such base data for decision-making with so many parameters is an extremely wide-ranging job. Thanks to structured work, in which they followed their process in the in the Avalon Innovation Model, we were provided with transparent base data with weighted parameters, which were a great help in our decision-making.”

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Curious about how we work with the competences that were involved in the project? Feel free to find out more!

– Innovation Management
– Production Development

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