Healthcare and the care of the elderly both face major challenges in the years ahead. The ageing population, strict demands for efficiency, savings targets, and a stressful work situation all culminate to create an unsustainable situation. It’s incredibly important that the products developed improve the well-being of patients and the peace of mind of relatives, as well as support the work of users.

Tjeders Industri AB is a provider of alarms and communications solutions within the healthcare, social care, and security industry.

By developing new digital business models, we’re paving the way for more business opportunities with modern services that help to streamline operations, support day-to-day work, and reduce costs for both Tjeders and its customers. The systems that will be included going forwards shall serve as the human link between those providing and those consuming care services.

Future requirements

Together with Avalon Innovation, Tjeders is developing a strategy for creating a better care environment. Tjeders’ provision of products and services is supported by way of a newly developed platform for administration, analysis, and configuration. In addition, this increases the value for Tjeders’ customers, who are better equipped to focus on their core activities and provide more qualitative time for caring. A new design language has been developed that focuses on the common denominator between physical products and digital interfaces. Each aspect of the user experience must be clear and cater for the user’s needs.

With the development of IoT solutions (internet of things), completely new business areas can be explored. IoT blurs the boundaries between systems and products, where smart connected devices facilitate a simpler and safer work situation. By linking sensors and relevant information with the right recipient, technology can help to bring about a digital revolution within healthcare and social care.

The installation of an alarm system in a hospital currently requires expertise in several different programs. Each program has its own unique interface and presents error messages and statuses in different ways. The information structure is inconsistent, which, according to surveys, users find time-consuming, stressful, and complicated.

To solve the problem, Tjeders has worked with Avalon Innovation to create an open integration platform that links the alarm systems and installation programs of various providers into a single user-friendly and easy-to-access platform. The underlying technology and data analysis are powerful when the user receives only the information they need in their day-to-day work. By seeing only necessary information, today’s stressful day-to-day life becomes a little less demanding.

The technological shift enabled by IoT is limited by nothing but the imagination. In the future, we hope to use AI to prevent diseases and thus reduce the care burden. Treating the root causes of disease at an early stage saves resources and mitigates the suffering of both patients and their relatives. By starting to analyse the data that Tjeders already has in its systems, new socially important healthcare and social care products can be developed.

The IoT is an important element in the digitalisation of our society in which products and people are becoming increasingly interconnected. Technology plays a vital role in how we overcome the many societal challenges we face.
At Avalon Innovation, we’re incredibly honoured to be involved in solutions that help to make the world just that little bit better and easier to deal with.

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