TJEDERS Industri AB is a product company with headquarters in Malmköping. They develop, manufacture and market systems and components for alarms and call systems for healthcare and elderly care. In the long term, Tjeders wishes to complement and expand its business opportunities by delivering services with added value for the customer, and they have therefore chosen to develop a new platform together with Avalon Innovation.

Between 2017 and 2020, Avalon Innovation ran a software programme aimed at developing Life, a new web-based service platform for alarm management and continuous health monitoring of patients who move between different care establishments and their own home. The plan is for the new service platform to resolve a major problem throughout the care chain, namely the lack of consistent and continuous management of alarms from patients/users as well as health data collected using body sensors.


The project was launched in 2017 with an insight phase. The aim of this phase was for Avalon to develop and present a feasibility study to Tjeders focusing on the Life platform and Tjeders’ business opportunities in general. A number of goals were defined together with Tjeders in connection with the insight phase, including transitioning from a product business to a service business and offering a single unit for all alarm types. There was also to be a scalable and modular platform with an increased focus on user-friendliness, communication and integration across different systems.

Thereafter, a concept phase was launched that saw the start of the implementation of Life. In the period 2018–2020, the project was managed in the form of “sprints” lasting 2–3 weeks each. During this time, Avalon delivered a number of iterations of the Life platform to Tjeders. Life was developed using .NET/C# and Javascript (React).

Together with Avalon Innovation, Tjeders has created the basis for a scalable, user-friendly and accessible online platform that links the alarm systems and installation programs of various suppliers. The underlying technology and data analysis are powerful when the user receives only the information they need in their day-to-day work. By seeing only necessary information, today’s stressful day-to-day life becomes a little less demanding.

At Avalon Innovation, we’re incredibly honoured to be involved in solutions that help to make the world just that little bit better and easier to deal with. We wish Tjeders good luck with Life and hope that the platform will become as big as it has the potential to be!

Tjeders has for a long time been running a project, together with Avalon, with the aim of creating the foundation for an overarching IT platform where Tjeders’ customers can log in and view the information and interact with their facilities.

Together, we have found a way of working that functions well, and we had excellent assistance from Jira when it came to managing the agile development, which made it easy for us as the client to plan the development together with the development team and project manager from Avalon. We also learned the importance of limiting tasks and conducting small feasibility studies ahead of each implementation. This meant that, at the later stages of the project, both Tjeders and Avalon could feel confident about the task and what “shall requirements” needed to be met in order for the step to be able to be defined as completed. Tjeders has now begun delivering a first release to a number of customers, who have given positive feedback, primarily with regard to how easy it is to navigate the interface.

This has been a fun and exciting project to work on, and the Avalon team have felt more like an extension of Tjeders rather than hired consultants. We are looking forward to finding more opportunities to work together in the future.
Mikael Lauren, Development Manager at Tjeders

For more information, please contact:
Dag Lindahl
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