Umeå, we´re here!

We’ve now opened the doors of Avalon’s northernmost office, and we’re finally up and running in Umeå!

Umeå is the biggest municipality in Norrland, the central location in Västerbotten County and has an extremely diverse economy. Umeå is also an important university city, with all of the positive effects this brings with it. In connection with our starting up in Umeå, we also take great pleasure in welcoming Daniel Palmlöf to join us and assume responsibility for the Umeå office.

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Nytt från Avalon


Exciting times! Our new office in Karlskrona recently opened its doors. We took the opportunity to ask some questions to our Business Manager, Patrik Enarsson, and Team Leader, Johan Bruce, who shared their vision and thoughts about the grand opening.


On October 2nd, Avalon Innovation opened its doors with an office in Karlskrona. Avalon Innovation was founded in 1997 in Blekinge, and having a presence in two cities is an important step for our growth in the region.


In September, the Malmö office relocated to Öresundshuset, close to Malmö Central Station. The Malmö office is our second-largest office, housing a variety of expertise, ranging from mechanics to embedded systems and technical information.


Jonathan will be responsible for our team within design, mechanics, technical writing and software in Helsingborg as well as software and technical writing in Malmö.