With in the region of 16,000 homes, including Studentstaden, Uppsalahem is Uppsala’s number one housing company. Nearly 30,000 Uppsala residents across the city are tenants with Uppsalahem. The company’s far-sighted and targeted approach to property management creates safe and pleasant environments that are attractive to many.

As one of the city’s main contractors, Uppsalahem has built an impressive 20,000 homes since 1946. Uppsalahem’s communications manager, Linda Ryttlefors, gets in touch with Avalon Innovation, expressing the company’s desire to receive guidance on the development of its innovation strategy.

Market-driven projects

We launch the partnership by together establishing the need, the goals and how Avalon Innovation best can help Uppsalahem with its future innovation strategy. The result is a series of workshops where Avalon Innovation and selected managers from Uppsalahem meet for creative days that are spent building a picture of the needs, challenges and frameworks, as well as a plan. Together, we then develop an overarching innovation model featuring phases, methodology, roles, reporting paths, a clear way of working and smart links with the company’s business plan.

The innovation strategy begins to take shape

In 2020, Uppsalahem will develop its way of working with innovative initiatives. These initiatives will be managed in project form based on a unique innovation model that centres on the company deciding and explaining how they are to develop innovations internally. A management group and the direction established in the business plan will make it clear how Uppsalahem decides which initiatives become innovation projects. In addition, an “innovation manager” will be appointed and tasked with maintaining overarching control of the company’s innovation projects. Uppsalahem’s innovation strategy should serve as a tool to help initiate and focus the work and should contain guidelines for how the innovation project work should be carried out and evaluated. Communicated correctly, it will enable the employees to see how the innovation strategy helps guide Uppsalahem towards the goals established in the overarching business plan, and how this in turn results in more focused work. It should always be stimulating and fun to contribute to Uppsalahem’s innovation projects and the teams celebrate along the way!

“Great power of deduction, discussion management, preparation and effort. I got so much more out of these events than I ever imagined I would.”
Linda Ryttlefors

For more information on how we can help you build your innovation strategy, please contact a Business Manager or get in touch via
Helene Högberg, 070 – 454 37 73

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