For us, it is important to run Avalon Innovation in a long-term and sustainable way. Therefore Avalon Innovation encourages all employees to report any incident that they believe to be in breach of applicable law, EU law, our Code of Conduct, internal guidelines or policies.


Avalon Innovation’s policy and whistleblowing procedure covers all employees at Avalon Innovation. It also includes external parties such as candidates in the recruitment process, those performing work under the auspices of Avalon Innovation and their related parties, subcontractors and the self-employed, contract staff, volunteers, trainees, and those representing administrative, management, or supervisory bodies.

Reporting channel

When a violation or misconduct is spotted, this can be reported internally, externally, or directly to a public authority. The whistleblower is always protected against retaliation. Avalon Innovation uses the &frankly whistleblowing reporting channel.

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Anonymity and confidentiality

It’s up to the whistleblower how anonymous they want to be when submitting a report. The reporting channel allows for communication without providing any contact information, but there is also an option to add an e-mail address or phone number, and to book a meeting with the channel manager.

Whistleblowing at Avalon Innovation


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