In spring 2011, Håkan Dackefjord, co-founder of WiTTRA Networks AB, identified the need for a viable asset-tracking system that would be able to work successfully within all types of environments. Unfortunately, no such tracking system existed at the time. In 2013, WiTTRA Networks AB was founded. Since that time, WiTTRA’s technology has gained significant traction in the IoT industry and received several prestigious awards for its ground-breaking location intelligence technology. This technology is

currently protected by 51 patents and makes it possible to seamlessly track assets between the indoor and outdoor spheres, no matter the environment. The next step has been to utilize emerging standards to create products perfect for today’s market. As a result, WiTTRA has launched its first foray into the “IoT Out of the Box” market, providing a simple, practical solution for keeping track of your things.

Common history

Avalon Innovation started work with WiTTRA in 2018 during the primary prototyping phase of their initial product. Our team members contributed to building the foundation of what is now WiTTRA’s primary product offering by actively sharing ideas and developing the fundamentals of their embedded IoT network. We led important parts of the project such as the gateway core feature, the upgrade-over-the-air feature and research about time-of-flight positioning.

In 2020, WiTTRA moved to the next phase: scaling their networking solution in order to move from a prototype to a market-ready product. They also grew as a company from a startup to a scaleup. Avalon Innovation became one of their partners and accompanied them during these steps. We contributed to the technical part of the WiTTRA solution and at the same time helped to set up a friendly, sustainable, committed and efficient work environment and way of working.

From then on, Avalon Innovation and WiTTRA have worked together toward the same goals: creating the only IoT Infrastructure combining sensing and localisation in all kinds of environments.

Your team spirit has helped us through some really tough times, when everyone has worked harder than we all thought possible. Your way of making people feel good is extra ordinary and is a big reason why WiTTRA is where we are today.” Håkan Dackefjord, CEO at WiTTRA

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