Sundström Safety has been manufacturing respiratory protection products for 90 years, a journey that started when mining engineer Ivan Sundström recognised at an early stage the need to protect the eyes and lungs of miners.

The current SR540 visor was developed and launched at the beginning of the 21st century, since when they have been market leaders in this product area.

A safe experience, every day

To further secure their position, Sundström Safety decided to seek external help to develop the next generation of respiratory protection. A wide-ranging selection process confirmed that Avalon Innovation was the company they wanted to collaborate with in order to design and develop the new respiratory protection device.

Design and development work took place in accordance with our tried and tested innovation process – with the aid of which a number of important functions identified were integrated into the design.

New functions in the SR 570 include an integrated standard attachment for hearing protectors, tough, rigid material throughout, innovative visor design, a new, ultra-flexible hose with a rotating connection, a new membrane design for exhaled air, a smart bracket for the removal of extra protective foil, and a new, unique and individually adjustable head frame.

One very important aspect was that the new design should express and reinforce the identity and brand for which Sundström Safety stands. This was achieved by such means as using well-defined semantic attributes what were implemented in the design from the outset.

Sundström Safety and Avalon Innovation have togheter created a unique product that stimulates world-class delight for the user.

“We are very pleased with what Avalon has achieved with the development of the new face shield.”
Niclas Rydh, R&D manager
Sundström Safety

For more information, contact:
David Hallberg
076 – 802 16 21



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