Xylem is a world-leading water technology company that is seeking to solve the world’s water issues by developing smart and innovative technological solutions to meet global water, wastewater, and energy needs.

The business has operated since 1901 out of its facility in Emmaboda, in Småland, where it was founded by Peter Alfred Stenberg. The facility has since gone on to become one of Xylem’s most important manufacturing plants for pumps and mixers.

CE-marked lifting equipment

Each year, the facility in Emmaboda produces large volumes of large, medium-sized, and small pumps. These are then sold and delivered around the world. These pumps are used for a wide variety of applications and areas, including saving communities worldwide from the damaging effects of floods and restoring these communities should a flood strike.

Tools and equipment for production staff are required if we are to consistently maintain sustainable and efficient production and manufacturing. These enable our staff to carry out their work safely and sustainably. This necessitates that the development of tools and equipment keeps up with and is tailored to new and existing products.

Together with the tools department of Xylem in Emmaboda, Avalon Innovation has developed and designed CE-marked lifting equipment for the facility’s production departments. CE marking ensures that the equipment is ergonomic, manufactured using sustainable materials, and compliant with Swedish Work Environment Authority regulation AFS 2008:3 – Machines.

A common example of the lifting equipment we designed is a lifting aid used to assist the operator in lifting a component to and from a machine. The maximum weight of the lift depends on the size of the component and can vary from 12 kilos up to around 300 kilos. This demands meticulously well-designed and safe equipment.

Avalon Innovation is proud to have assisted Xylem by offering our expertise to ensure a successful partnership.

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David Hallberg
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